Valliant Tower
This photo was taken as close as I could get to the old water tower in Valliant, Oklahoma. I like how the black and white turned out because it was an overcast day and the original lacked color. This photo is at The Good Life Gallery on a metal background.
Dark Forest
A look up the hill near Turner Falls, Oklahoma
Creek with Reflection
Honey Creek
Wildflowers near Turner Falls
Breeze Barn
This barn has had better days. As I was driving towards it, I noticed I could see through it! Nice sunny day.
Pawnee Clydesdales
This is the one good shot that I these beauties allowed me to have. After they saw me, they turned and faced the other direction.
Reclaimed 1
This is a room in a home on the Pawnee Nation Reservation. There was a fire and it was abandoned. The earth is slowly reclaiming it in a beautiful way.
Reclaimed 2
Another view inside the room. I wanted to frame the picture by stepping back and using the existing architecture (what’s left of it).
Rush Railroad
I was driving around Rush Springs looking for some good subject matter. Finding none at the park, I drove west down Main and crossed the railroad tracks. The clouds were perfect. It was a double track. Beautiful.
Rune Stairs
This photo was taken on a foggy day in Heavener, Oklahoma at Runestone State Park. It is onsite of the famous Rune Stone discovery. These are the stairs leading down to the park. When I looked up, some fog was rolling in and I took the shot. Black and white is more dramatic than color on this one.
Ponca Stacks
Ponca City, Oklahoma at the Phillips Gas Refinery. I like to use black and white medium when shooting industrial photos. Had to pull over on a bridge and hop out of the car while dodging traffic for this photo.
Pawhuska Escape
If you haven’t been to Pawhuska, Oklahoma you are missing out. This was taken behind one of the old historic downtown buildings. Shot through my sunroof….looking upwards.
Pawhuska Barn
On the way into Pawhuska, I noticed this lonely barn in a field. The lighting was perfect and there was no traffic. I stood in the middle of the road for this one. This is on display at The Good Life Gallery.
Patriotic Sunrise_
This one is a funny story. I was frustrated that I had missed so many good photos in the morning hours on my trip. I stopped at the side of the road to shoot the sunrise and the clouds to the east. Boring photo. As I walked back to the truck, I saw that the storm clouds to the west were lit up like a candle. It was a Ford Dealership – not the most interesting subject matter. However, if I just cropped the flag…..
Panhandle Rain Pano
My first Panoramic photo. The panhandle was still getting rain and everything was GREEN. Amazing. These storms were not severe, but you get an idea of the vast expanse of grasslands in this photo. Love the panhandle.
New Wheat
Folks I must say that this is one of my all time favorites. It was taken outside of Vici, Oklahoma. I originally wanted a photo of the barn (squint and you’ll see it in the distance). However, when I knelt down, the autofocus zoomed in on the wheat in front. The detail is amazing and the colors are vivid. This photo is available on canvas wrap at The Good Life Gallery
Luther Home
One of my original pieces, called the Luther Home. However, it is closer to Wellston right off of Highway 66. Looks haunted to me…
Kansas Silo Barn
Located outside of Kingman, Kansas this old barn caught my eye. There is a giant old abandoned home next to it, so I think these folks had a successful operation at one time.
Kansas Home 2
Again, outside of Kingman, Kansas. This is the large home next to the silo barn in the above photo. I took two of the home. There was no way I wouldn’t stop to take these photos…
Kansas Home
Kansas Home from the front. Outside of Kingman, KS
Petzval Garden
This is actually my front flower bed. I was experimenting with my new Petzval Lens. It is russian and the original design dates back to the 1890s.
Arapaho Shack
Taken in the rain outside of Arapaho Oklahoma. I pulled into the partial driveway and shot over the gate.
Coalgate Horse
This horse said “hi” to me after several shots. I think he was wondering why i was standing there. I love the reflections in the pond and the vivid green after the rains.
Arapaho Barn
One of my favorite old barns in Oklahoma. It is located near Arapaho, Oklahoma. I love it because of the old car in front. I might have trespassed a tiny bit to get this photo. Don’t tell anyone!
Arapaho field
The rain was steady. But the clouds briefly opened up and the sun shined on the field. The contrast in colors is captivating.
Fort Supply Sunrise Web
This photo is presented at The Good Life Gallery on a white metal background. It turned out magnificent. Truly this is one of my favorites.
windmill flower
New perspective. Shooting on the ground angling up at the flower with the windmill in the background. Photography is about composition. It’s fun to find interesting things in the middle of nowhere. Taken near Vici, Oklahoma.

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