Valliant Continental
In Valliant, Oklahoma and I had just finished shooting the water tower pic when I passed this beauty sitting all alone in a field. I’m sure that car has many stories.
A Surrey With Fringe on Top. Located on the Pawnee Bill Ranch and maintained by the Oklahoma Historical Society.
Miami Truck yard
All lined up and catching rain drops. This yard was impressive. They had a huge selection of old cars and trucks. Just wish I could have gone further into the grounds. Located outside of Miami, Oklahoma.
Miami Mater
A dodge truck that actually caught my eye!!! She has great patina. I would just clear coat the thing and preserve it just like it is.
Steam Tractor
I took many photos of this extra large, steam train looking tractor. It is from the 1800s. I try to take photos from abnormal angles inside of things when I can. Here is an example of the internals of this beauty.
Steam Tractor wheel
This is one of the wheels of the steam tractor. If you look closely you can see the date stamp.

Steam Tractor Gears Steam Tractor Full Vintage Shawnee Tow Shawnee Tow Interior Newkirk Truck

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