Oklahoma Ghost Towns

I am starting a new project in which I visit as many ghost towns as I can find in between my sales calls.  These towns are long forgotten, but they still offer an immense amount of beauty and culture if you just take the time to visit.  Using the website http://www.ghosttowns.com, I am charting my trail to bring you some cool photos from these old decaying locations.  First up, the towns of Scipio and Francis.

Francis Door Francis Downtown Francis Store Scipio barn Scipio Grocery Scipio reclaimed Francis BW


Next is the town of Albion, which is close to Talihena, Oklahoma.  This town was burned to the ground decades ago and has since been abandoned by most everyone….except a few.

albion business bw albion downtown corner store Albion House Albion Station albion truck color

The town of Acme, Oklahoma.  All that remains of this once thriving mill town is a lone house and concrete machine building.

Acme home .Acme concrete bldg

Here is the town of Picher, Oklahoma.  I think you could call it America’s newest ghost town.  The town was forced to evacuate due to lead poisoning in the water – a remnant of the mining surrounding the city.  There are also so many tunnels underneath the town that authorities believed sink holes could open at any time.  Then, a few years back, a violent tornado took many of the remaining structures, dealing Picher the death blow.  Not much remains…

Picher Christian Church bwPicher Christian Church distance colorPicher church 1 bwPicher church 1 colorPicher mines closeup bwPicher mines flowersPicher mines panoPicher neighborhoodPicher phonePicher PondPicher wooden house bw doll

Picher wooden house bw


Where the only resident was a lonely, slightly angry, wet dog.

cujo gas station home spire jail 1 jail 2 jail 3 oklahoma sign small bldg tractor white bldg

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