Rush Springs Railroad

Rush Railroad

This is the first photo that I have sold.  The image will serve as a background on my business cards to say “Thank You” to a special friend of mine who took a chance and gave me the encouragement to begin this venture.  The photo can be seen on a 24×36 wrapped canvas presentation at the Good Life Gallery in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma.  6900 N. Western.

Good Morning!

Fort Supply Sunrise Web

As I venture into the world of professional photography, I would like to take you with me.  This blog and website is a way for me to share with you the many stories that describe where I was and what I was thinking when I took each photo.  Sometimes having the back story can help you to appreciate the efforts and techniques it requires to capture each image.  For example, the image above was taken in the early morning as I was driving to Guymon, Oklahoma.  The George Nigh Northwest Passage is a favorite route of mine to take when traveling to the panhandle.  Normally it is a barren wasteland of dead trees, dust and more tumbleweeds than you’d ever be able to count.  However, this year we have had record breaking rainfall and the desert is ALIVE.  There were showers moving in from the west and my camera was focused on the eastern sunrise.  I had actually pulled over to shoot the storms behind me, but when I turned around, I immediately noticed that the sun was perfectly behind the clouds.  The field was green and the colors were amazing.  This photo was taken around 7:00 a.m.  Morning is widely known as the perfect time to take photos.  I couldn’t agree more.

Thank you for your support on this journey.  I hope to entertain you and enlighten you on the amazing topography that our great state has to offer.  I will be setting up a paypal account so that you can order prints if you wish.  My work can be seen at The Good Life Gallery in Nichols Hills on the corner of NW 69th and Western.  Please stop by and take a look!!!